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How to Find the Perfect Event Venue

Here's a quick guide to the perfect space for your upcoming event.

Planning events is not easy. There is a lot to consider in order to offer guests a worthwhile event. But two points remain the most important regarding hosting events: WHO should be invited? And where should the event take place? While the first item depends very much on the event, general statements can be made about the second, regardless of the type of event.

More and more event planners are trying to organize their event in an atmosphere as exceptional as possible to ensure their success. What should you consider when looking for and choosing the right event space?

Humans are creatures of habits. Every day, most of us follow a relatively stuck everyday routine, associating familiar colors and smells with known places. This also applies to celebrations or other gatherings. We come with certain expectations and are bored when "only" fulfilled. Those who want to stay in the memory of the guests with their event should avoid using stereotypes.

Only, who breaks with the habits, stands out! This already starts with the selection of the event space or location: why not even exchange the conference hotel for an old boxing ring or a houseboat?

Promote Interaction

In order to give guests the opportunity to exchange ideas and have interesting conversations, it is essential, as an organizer, to consciously promote interaction. The layout of an event space has a great influence on the behavior of the guests. Good event spaces promote a mix of participants, for example by offering different levels or retreats.

Those present should be forced to move and not just talk to them in a familiar way. It is also helpful to find a venue with an additional outdoor area, especially in the summer months - so you move between bar, buffet, and terrace.

Pay Attention To The Acoustics

Closely related to the layout is the acoustics. It's just exhausting to yell when you just want to talk. And also for lecturers, it’s more pleasant not to hear every hawk from the audience. It’s important to ask the landlord of your venue if he or she has already taken action to reduce the noise level.

For example, a carpet is a good sound proofer. But also resonators, absorbers or vibration dampers can help. In the other direction, it ‘s, of course, important for moderators or speakers to be heard by all. Microphones should be part of the basic equipment depending on the size of the event space.

Play With Light

Light has a very big influence on the mood. Therefore, it is important to think about the lighting concept of your event. It is not enough that it is light. Anyone who deliberately uses headlights and shadows can draw the attention of the audience to themselves or others. Many venues have good lighting technology, but others have none.

When the event takes place during the day, natural light can, at best, replace technology - as daylight has a positive influence on efficiency, productivity and the mood of the public. Elements such as fairy lights or dimmed lamps can be deliberately used to create a relaxed mood and should always be used consciously.

Don’t Save At The Wrong End

The technical equipment of an event space is often more important than good catering. Anyone who gives a talk about the opportunities of digitization must not allow the faux pas to offer his listeners no Wi-Fi or throw his presentation on a mediocre projector on the wall.

It is important to clarify in advance if all necessary extras are available - and ideally test them extensively before the start of the event. It’s also worthwhile, especially in the summer months, to ensure that the premises or your event space can be cooled. No one can concentrate on a lecture when the sweat is on his forehead.

Use The Internet

Although the event industry is still conservative, there are now some apps and services that can simplify the hosting events complex organizational process! There are now practical ways to get a good picture of hosting events location if you don’t have time to visit them before the event. At Storefront Events, for example, you can book the space and make it according to your personal preferences.

To Offer That Extra Something

Of course, finding a suitable venue is a first, important step. But you should not leave it at that. The event gets something special if the hosting event's atmosphere is right. Light and decoration are just the beginning. With trifles, you can manage to really show your guests that you have worked hard and thought through the event.

An exciting and relevant content, the possibility to provide feedback on the spot or interactive elements that make guests think and get involved, ensure the 'special something' and remember the participants even after the end of the event.

Perfect Venue For Performing Art

Despite these indications, it is difficult to find the one perfect venue for performing art. But maybe that does not have to be. Rather, it’s important to make the guests feel that they have attended an event that has really brought them forward, with inspiring art content, exciting guests and in an appealing environment.

In the performing art event location, for example, you can also realize all your ideas regarding decoration and technology. Pay attention to the available amenities and plan on this basis special items such as slideshows, karaoke or stunning lighting since they aid your art. In addition, you relieve yourself as a host significantly.

Depending on the booking, you can also hand over the work that results from setting up, dismantling, cleaning and tidying up to the landlords. So you can enjoy your evening art without restrictions and have less to worry about a smooth process.

If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises during the course of an art event, you should take a closer look at the location and ask the right questions during the tour.

Lastly, with the points above, you can examine each event location for its advantages and disadvantages, because the perfect location is not the only important criteria when selecting the event space search. Every event is indeed unique and also has its very own requirements. However, there are many points in this piece that are probably relevant to most events.

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